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The Interdisciplinary Journal of African & Asian Studies is a peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on issues in Africa and Asia pertaining to interdisciplinary studies in humanities and social science. Where possible, comparisons are made between countries and continents. The scope of the journal includes, but not limited to, African and Asian languages, literatures, religions, arts, films, politics, trades, laws, cultures and many more.

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International Review of Law and Jurisprudence (IRLJ) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed and fully refereed journal that publishes high quality research papers in law and jurisprudence including sociolegal issues of contemporary significance. The Review is abstracted and indexed with Google Scholar. IRLJ seeks for papers based on doctrinal or empirical or mixed research methodologies. It provides a forum for theoretical cum policy analysis, debate and critique aimed at solving developmental problems. The Review is also dedicated to presenting and reporting research findings on system-wide trends on law and jurisprudence, international or municipal. Well researched and original papers on topical and relevant subject matters, and case/book reviews are therefore welcome. IRLJ appears three times a year in January, May and September, which articles promptly appear in Google scholar. Submission of manuscripts can be made all through the year.

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