Ugwu Osita


The insecurity challenge posed by the fundamentalist group (Boko Haram) has heightened serious fears among Nigerian populace. The trend has led to incessant suicide bombings and all sorts of attacks in the northern parts of the country with little or no provocation. Consequently, lives and property are lost, business ventures and shops have remained closed especially in the north. Most regrettably, the Igbo people who are the lifewire of economic activities in the north are relocating in large numbers to their states of origin to avoid losing their lives in the hands of the sect. It was discovered from the study that the use of force or declarations of state of emergencies by the federal government were of no effect to the Boko Haram insurgency. Alternatively, the federal government should embrace dialogue approach, especially now that the fundamentalist group has declared its readiness to dialogue with the federal government Akhain41, but this can only be effective if the dissident group within the government cycle, who are ever ready to sabotage the strategy, are fished out, dislodged and prosecuted accordingly.

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