KANU Ikechukwu Anthony


Igwebuike, because of its centrality can be understood as the key to the interpretation and understanding of African ethics. The centrality of Igwebuike makes African ethics to be founded on the impressive pillar of humanism- as the welfare of the human person and the community is the fundamental thrust of African ethics. Thus, the human person is at the centre of African ethics– the human person is not defined according to his or her colour, nation, religion, creed, political leanings, material contribution or any matter, but rather seen as a brotherhood or sisterhood. It, therefore, emphasizes the dignity of the human person, the equality of brothers and sisters, and the equality of opportunities for all - an egalitarian society--that is, a society in which there is equal opportunity for selfdevelopment for all, working together. Igwebuike is, therefore, the active underlying principle of African ethics.

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