Chike Ezenwa


As a global phenomenon of immense significance, climate change distorts and alters the systematic equilibrium in both atmospheric and weather conditions with far reaching impact on human habitation and environment. Extreme weather phenomena associated with climate change have compounded the challenge of environmental sustainability. Various forms of land degradation, resulting from climate change induce human migration; at times across National Boundaries. In recent times, a new phenomenon described as ‘climate change refugees’ has emerged which if not properly addressed may lead to serious security issues and may also trigger socio-political conflicts. The paper took time to outline and properly situate the raging conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan within the context of climate change. It is an issue that has often be neglected or subsumed under the erroneous paradigm of ethno-religious and power politics in Sudan. Although these factors were later grafted to advance some selfish political interest, it never eclipsed the true essence of the insecurity that snowballed from the struggle for ownership, and control of economic resources in the form of land, access to water and grazing fields among other necessities. The lack of coping strategies by Sudan, contributed to worsening the effect of climate change on the people and environment of Darfur

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