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This study focuses on a philosophical evaluation of the impact of science and technology on African cultural values. Every society has some specific values that are peculiar to it. Those values could be said to have been determined by the culture of that society, and at the same time an essential aspect of the society’s culture. African society is not an exception to this. Obviously, there are some cultural values in African society. The advent of western science and technology as well as their remarkable development in the modern period has enormous influence on African cultural values. The basic questions are: What are the African cultural values? Have science and technology any impact on such values? What are the positive contributions of science and technology towards the values in question? Have African cultural values remained the same in the midst of western scientific and technological advancement. Is it possible for Africans to rediscover their lost values? Should Africans sacrifice their cultural values on the altar of science and technology? These and other related issues are the major concerns of this study. This study employs hermeneutical method of philosophical inquiry to examine the impact of science and technology on traditional African values. The researcher acknowledges that science and technology have made positive contributions in reshaping the world. However, the study maintains that advancement in science and technology has adverse effects on African cultural values. Hence, there is need for rediscovery of African rich cultural values, but in a manner that would meet the challenges of modernity.

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