Compilation of Modern Chinese Loanword Dictionary Based on Big Data

Xiaoyan Zeng


A few scholars have put forward ideas for compiling a modern Chinese loanword dictionary based on big data, but they have not conducted an in-depth discussion on how to compile a Chinese loanword dictionary based on big data. This article analyses the current situation of the compilation of Chinese loanword lexicon. It has some problems as the lack of Chinese corpus data support, the lack of epochal, the disconnection between the practice and research of loanword dictionary compilation, and the imbalance of loanwords included in dictionaries. Based on the guidance of big data theory, this paper summarizes the characteristics of modern Chinese loanword data, such as source complexity, times, dynamic development, interdisciplinary and type diversity. There are four inspirations: 1. Based on Compilation of a large amount of real corpus. 2. Compilation based on analysis of usage behaviour. 3. Compilation combined with Chinese loanword big data. 4. Compilation based on real-time revision of complex dynamic data.

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